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SEO Companies, there are a lot out there.  You have to do your due diligence.  Any company that guarantees results are scam companies, keep that in mind.  SEO is all about making the web experience faster and more convenient for users. SEO differs from Adwords and PPC management because SEO is “free”. You don’t have to pay for the search result to show up in search engines. Although working with an internet marketing company using accepted, non-deceptive SEO techniques is hardly free, unlike PPC, it is more cost-effective over the long-term. When paired with other Gazelle internet marketing solutions, it makes for a comprehensive online advertising campaign.Your company has something to offer that consumers want. By optimizing your website with search terms that users are typing into engines, your likelihood to improve search engine ranks is greatly increased. If it sounds simple, it isn’t. There’s a lot more to effective SEO than just finding the right keywords.

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Gazelle Interactive conducts extensive research on your competitors, analyzes your current website, and identifies ways to help draw more traffic. User experience, inbound and outbound linking, presence in virtual communities and registration with local directories are all a part of an effective SEO campaign. Contact us for a free SEO assessment of your site.