Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the “buzz word” of 2015 and will continue to be through 2016. So much so that they made a movie “The Social Network” based on it. Businesses are now using a Social Media strategy to harness new visitors, and to strengthen their organic presence. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Technorati,Stumbleupon, Google Buzz, Hi5, are all just a handful of social media sites out there for the purpose of connecting people and sharing information. Social Media is the opposite of privacy in the respect that people have to have a sense of narcism and voyeurism to share their most personal details for the world to see. Two generations ago you may have just known 150 people in your life. Today with social media, you can know 150 new people in a day, across the world and share photos and comments in an instant, not just from the computer but from mobile. The premise behind social media for businesses is to create a “buzz” about a product, or service, or brand. For example, I follow a page on Facebook that I show interest in, that action will show up on my friends news walls, enticing them to possibly be interested in what I just expressed interest in. Social Media is a viral connecting web that has flooded the internet and taken the world by storm. Social media is not just for personal use but play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. You are technically flooding the internet with inbound links to your site for various keyword searches. If you would like to further find out how a good Social Media strategy could effect your business, please contact Gazelle Interactive at 888.814.8599 or fill out the contact form.