5 Great Search Engine Tools to Help You with Your SEO

Search engine optimization is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Any SEO campaign involves several factors such as the structure and usability of the site, keyword research and the analysis and monitoring of the SEO campaign to evaluate its progress and feasibility. SEO can also be viewed as a competition in which some succeed while others do not do well because of the use of ineffective SEO tools and strategies. Therefore, using the correct tools is very crucial to achieve success in this highly competitive field. Here are five great tools that every SEO specialist must have.

AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google AdWords keyword tool analyzes and evaluates the keywords to be used in ads. This tool lets the specialists study the keywords that have the potential to make a website rank higher in search engine results.

SEM Rush

This is an advanced tool from the makers of SEO Quake. SEM Rush is a software that bases its research on competition and/or keywords. The tool provides SEO specialists with data on how the clients’ website is performing as compared to the websites of the competitors.


This is a tool that measures the page speed of a website. This information is essential as search engines consider the speed of the page loading as one of the factors while ranking websites. With GTMetrics you can measure the website loading time and make improvements if any.


CuteRank checks the positions of your website in search results for particular keywords and their performance comparing latest data with that of the past. The tool is a real time saver for SEO professionals.

Google Analytics

One of the most used tools for checking the effectiveness of an SEO campaign is Google Analytics. It relates the ads and the campaign with that of actual traffic and conversions to provide the effectiveness quotient of the SEO campaign.

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