5 key tips to Improve your Business with Social Media

Most of the people don’t realize how important it is to make good use of several basics in business that can be applied to web and Social Media. It is high time for people not to ignore the value of a well planned strategy or even the threat of a strategy gone wrong.

  1. Your website, your Facebook Page & your Twitter account are all important extensions of your business. CEO’s and managers, you must be 100% sure that you own and control every single one of them.
  2. Know the tools! It’s understandable that not EVERYBODY is on Social Media. If your company markets via Facebook and you invest time and money on it, you have to make sure you’re checking, reading & following.
  3. Most branded profiles organically become customer service channels, how can you be sure that your personnel are using the correct language? Have you talked to them about how they should manage negative feedback? Even worse, are they deleting posts & feedback instead of dealing with it? All these issues need to be documented and addressed down to the tone you wish for your brand and the steps to manage crisis communication.
  4. More often than not, most brands and businesses fall into the routine of random online efforts. Facebook is full of interesting but random posts whilst Twitter is focused on communicating other issues. They both drive traffic to the website but there is no clear plan as to what the users should be looking for.

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