AdacheREO –

AdacheREO is a free foreclosure website based in Southern Florida.  Their target audience is South Florida residents looking to purchase a home, who are not currently working with a realtor. AdacheREO prides themselves on being the largest free database of foreclosures in South Florida.  The PPC account went active April 5th, 2009, with a starting budget of $1,000 a month.  In the first month we had 74 conversions, increased the budget to $1,700 and had a Cost per conversion of $23.  This is only for conversions coming in through the contact form.  They receive another 20%-40% of phone call leads each month.  Over the next 8 months, we gradually increased budgets and number of leads.  Currently our monthly budget is $9,300.  The account overall shows the number of conversions at 1,014 and another 305 from phone in leads, totaling 1,319 leads, at an average cost per lead of $30.  During this time, per the clients request,  on 5 occasion the account has been temporarily paused, due to the high volume of leads.  The client simply need time to catch up.  To date the client has hired several new agents and a office manager whose job is strictly to process leads coming in through PPC services.  In October we expanded the targeting on a national level selecting specific states were people are looking to purchase a “winter” home in South Florida.  In doing so we have increased leads with a much higher return on investment for the client.

This Report shows the number of conversion/lead volume per day.  The periods with no volume are due to the client requested pauses.