AdWords Quality Score & Its Significance

Marketing campaigns are designed with the intention to provide the best ROI to business owners. The concept of quality score in AdWords in this regard is highly relevant as it has a significant impact on the results of marketing campaigns.

What is Quality Score?

Online marketing involves displaying ads on the internet which are based on the most popular and widely used keywords. Quality score is the rating given to the search result based on a particular keyword. In other words, it is a rating that gives an indication of the popularity and success of a given keyword.

The best rating that a keyword can score is ten while anything less than five is considered to be a poor rating. The factors that are considered when calculating the quality score are:

  • The landing page’s quality
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) of the display URL and the keyword
  • Overall CTR for all the keywords and ads
  • The relevance of the keyword or ad
  • Geographic performance

How Quality Score Affects You?

Higher quality score means you pay less CPC or cost per click. It also leads to lower first page bid estimate. So it becomes easier for your keywords to show up on the first page of search results.  In addition, the top of the page bid estimate for such keywords with higher quality score will be low. This makes it easier for your ads to show up towards the top of the page.

In short, a higher quality score means lower costs and better ad position. This system is best for everyone including users, advertisers, publishers and Google. The ads which are closely related to the keywords searched tend to earn more clicks and hence bring in more success for businesses.

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