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How to Use Target CPA Bidding to Win Conversions on AdWords

May 24, 2018

How to Use Target CPA Bidding to Win Conversions on AdWords If you have a business that enlists the help of a Florida online marketing company, chances are the end goal is conversion generation at a profitable cost per acquisition. Luckily, AdWords has several smart bidding strategies, including target CPA bidding. Previously known as AdWords […]

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Google Confirms Algorithm Update Is about Relevance, Not Quality

May 10, 2018

Google Confirms Algorithm Update Is about Relevance, Not Quality Google’s John Mueller revealed that the algorithm update from March 7th had less to do about targeting low quality sites, and more about content relevance. During a Google Webmaster Hangout on April 6th, Mueller was asked about what happens to websites that were hit by the […]

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How to Increase Business Visibility Online

How to Increase Business Visibility Online Sure, you may have a great idea for your own company, but if no one can find your business, does it even exist? Asking yourself whether or not anyone can find your website is currently the most important question when it comes to growing your business. Don’t believe us? […]

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SEO Relevance of Keyword Research

March 7, 2017

SEO RELEVANCE OF KEYWORD RESEARCH Keyword research is frequently the principal thing you do when arranging another SEO campaign (or reviewing a more seasoned one). It gives the skeletal structure to a campaign, and for a considerable length of time has been a backbone apparatus in the SEO master’s belt. Yet, in the course of […]

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You Are Shooting Your SEO in the Foot

On the off chance that you think about the accomplishment of your business, you should, as a substitute, think about how you rank in search engines when clients inquiry applicable keywords. You’ve as of late chosen to concentrate on search engine optimization (SEO), and you’re seeing changes, yet they’re extremely progressive. You may take a […]

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Why your business needs Google AdWords

December 3, 2015

Understanding Google AdWords Google AdWords is a type of pay-per-click advertising that allows businesses to publicize their products/services through Google’s search engine and its affiliate sites with the use of text ads that are displayed as sponsored links when users search with keywords related to your business. You pay for each click your ad gets. […]

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Looking for Better Local SEO Exposure? Google AdWords could be the Answer

It is a common misconception that google AdWords are only for large corporations and not for small businesses. On the contrary AdWords are the biggest advertising platforms for small scale business. Here are a few ways in which AdWords improve local SEO exposure: The most valuable use of Adwords is to research keywords. Keywords are […]

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Questions to ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

November 30, 2015

You may wonder why people hire a PPC agency, after all PPC advertising is a simple process of setting  text or image ads. Well the truth is, to run a successful campaign, a lot of research, planning, and hard work is involved. This is exactly the reason why people depend on professionals to run and […]

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What does the rollout of Google cross-device conversions mean for marketers? | Econsultancy

October 29, 2015

Source: What does the rollout of Google cross-device conversions mean for marketers? By Ben Davis @ Econsultancy Cross-device conversions can now be reported at keyword-level in Google’s search, display and shopping ad products. This means advertisers can optimise for cross-device conversions within their automated bid strategies, for example looking at cost per acquisiton (CPA) across […]

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Happy 15th Birthday, Google Adwords Can Almost Go See An R-rated Movie

via AdWords_Birthday_Infographic_Final_v2.jpg (792×5508).

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