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Target CPA Bidding for Effective Internet Marketing in Florida Based Web Marketers

September 1, 2018

Gazelle Interactive-The Galore for Effective Internet Marketing in Florida Based Web Marketers Delray Beach, Aug 29, 2018 (  – Regardless of whether or not you are an up-and-coming start-up or an enterprise, the team at Gazelle Interactive will execute a campaign that is both effective and custom-tailored to your business. Gazelle Interactive is the one-stop venue for […]

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Pay Per Click Companies | Should You or Should You Not?

December 3, 2015

Understanding Google AdWords Pay per click companies are there to make your life easier.  Google AdWords is a type of pay-per-click advertising that allows businesses to publicize their products/services through Google’s search engine and its affiliate sites.  This is done with the use of text ads that users search with keywords related to your business.  […]

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Questions to ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

November 30, 2015

You may wonder why people hire a PPC agency, after all PPC advertising is a simple process of setting  text or image ads. Well the truth is, to run a successful campaign, a lot of research, planning, and hard work is involved. This is exactly the reason why people depend on professionals to run and […]

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Google AdWords Location Targeting – Things you should know.

August 7, 2015

Nowadays it is all about location, location, location! People are constantly searching for places, items and companies online and pulling information. Seriously, if you are not using location targeting to your advantage you are missing out on great opportunities. Google Adwords Ads appear based on a person’s location through their IP address and device location. […]

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Understanding the Important Benefits of Google Adwords

July 17, 2015

Google AdWords, is nothing but paid advertising or pay per click (PPC) advertising on Google. This can be very beneficial to almost any business. Before investing in Google Adwords, the company type, products, target audience and goals should be taken into account. Setting up the budget, and targeting can be easily done, and you need […]

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AdWords for Video Campaign: Why Should You Go for It?

October 7, 2013

With AdWords for video campaign, advertisers can now initiate campaigns with video ads making the concept of marketing and advertising more innovative. Here are a few reasons why you should have an AdWords for Video campaign.   High Penetration Level Video campaigns reach out to a large number of users. As per a survey, more […]

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Adwords Announces Group Level Mobile bid Adjustments

May 12, 2013

Google AdWords announced that they have begun the rollout of their brand-new advertisement group level mobile adjustments for AdWords accounts.   Only a minimal number of accounts went active quickly, but like their rolling releases, if you don’t see it now, keep examining back daily to see if your account has been triggered.   If […]

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Ad Testing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

February 26, 2013

As marketers, you need to be aware of certain mistakes that must avoid making to get the most out of your campaign. The following are the common mistakes that one needs to avoid during ad testing. One of the most commonly made mistakes by advertisers is pausing an ad just when the campaign performance has […]

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How to Maximize Your PPC Performance?

February 6, 2013

The effectiveness of any PPC campaign depends upon how well the ads conform to the requirements of a user. To maximize your PPC ad performance, you need to have clear idea on what your target audience is looking for. A successful PPC strategy should be aimed at fulfilling the goals of reaching predefined level of […]

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5 AdWords Tips from PPC Masters

February 3, 2013

Managing your PPC campaign requires a lot of effort and planning. The following are a few tips advocated by PPC experts for obtaining best results from your campaign. Search Query Report Giving special attention to the search query report, which gives the keywords that a user types to find various products and services is of […]

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