Communicating With Clients Through Videos

Creating detailed client reports is an important skill that any SEO agency. All our efforts to create a proper report that contains bright ideas, delegations and tasks that can lead to better performance often fail to create the desired effect. The report will probably remain untouched among other requests in the client’s inbox that are begging for their attention. Some of these reports may require immediate action for the idea to produce the desired result. The attention span of a reader on the web is decreasing rapidly and it will continue to do so. Most people prefer to just skim read and deal with stuff quickly.

Obviously, the detailed reports that we put so much effort to prepare go without getting the deserved attention. There is a growing need for finding ways to communicate detailed concepts and suggestion to clients in a more effective manner. Most clients will not have the time to make phone calls and face to face meetings. It has become a widely followed company policy to send out reports that contain only the most simple, actionable and achievable aspects of our research. Recently, a more creative and innovative method of demonstrating ideas and suggestions through recorded videos is being followed.

There are several advantages for using videos to communicate. Watching a video is not as difficult as going through a report with large number of pages. It allows you to communicate you ideas in a simple and efficient way. It will also enable you to explain complicated ideas to your clients.

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