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Delray Beach Social Media Marketing Companies are a dime a dozen.  Let us prove to you why Fortune 50 companies use Gazelle Interactive for their  Social Media Marketing who will transform your company’s online presence? Then look no further because Gazelle Interactive is here to help your business grow and exceed your goals.

What Social Media Marketing Services Do We Offer?

Delray Beach Social Media Marketing from our Award Winning Team team creates and manages social media campaigns, and manages social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With daily activity, high quality activity, and an ever-increasing number of followers, we will help transform your social media presence.

Are You Using Social Media?

These are the percentages of each networks users that use their platform daily. Turn these users into real leads with the help of Gazelle Interactive’s Social Media Marketing!

Facebook 76%
Instagram 51%
Twitter 42%

Research conducted by Pew Research Center

Why Do You Need a Social Media Management Company?

Social media marketing does not matter what industry your company is in; your current and future customers are using social media on a daily basis. Make sure you are always their first option by keeping them engaged and connected to your company.

You also need to ensure people who are looking for your product or service can find your business. Our social media management team will help your company generate new leads by joining the digital conversation.

This also means listening to what your customers are saying about your company across all social media platforms, and responding accordingly. Part of our social media marketing services include emphasizing the all the positive features your business has to offer, and responding accordingly to negative feedback.

Ultimately, most business owners do not have the time to effectively manage all their company’s social media platforms. Luckily, the social media marketing team at Gazelle Interactive can help you reach a new audience as well as your marketing goals.

By The Numbers

businesses use Facebook business pages
More than
of adults have more than one social media account
of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases

Delray Beach Social Media Marketing Services: How We Help You Grow

The main ways our social media marketing services will help your business grow is through raising brand awareness, building consistent engagement, and increasing overall web traffic.

Our social media marketing team will ensure the followers targeted match the behaviors, demographics, and interests of your typical customer base. Once we have increased our followers with relevant people, we will engage with them through your social media posts. Generally the higher engagement rates you have, the stronger connection you have with your audience.

In order to drive high volumes of traffic to your website, we will then focus on creating social media advertising campaigns. With the help of retargeting ads, we will make sure you stay in front of recent website visitors.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

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