Five Most Common Backlink Building Mistakes

SEO professionals use several techniques and methods to build backlinks to get their websites ranked higher. However, often SEO professionals end up doing mistakes that hamper the campaign in more than one ways. Here are some of the most common mistakes in back link building that must be avoided.

Quantity Over Quality

Simply getting backlinks without researching on the credibility of the sources is not advisable. Quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity. Backlinks obtained from low quality links will not help your website gain a higher position in the search engine rankings. Instead, it might create a negative effect.

No Link Diversity

A common mistake observed in backlink building is building links only to the homepage of a website. This approach gives an impression that the interior pages of a website are inferior in value. This is a wrong approach and link diversity has a lot of importance in link building.

Simple Comments

A strategy employed by many is to obtain backlinks by commenting on other blogs. However, a common mistake committed here is that most people simply leave a link in the comment box, which most webmasters reject as spam.

Links from Non-Niche Sites

Building links from non-niche sites should be avoided at any cost. Only build links from those sites, which is relevant to the product or services your website offers.

No-Follow Sites Linking

Often professionals make the mistake of backlink building from no-follow sites. These are sites where the given links are not indexed by the search engines. Therefore, getting backlinks from such pages is of no use.

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