What alternatives are available that can help control a company’s advertising budget?

Alternate advertising networks are entirely overlooked.  Social media and Google Ads can get very costly because there is so much competition for advertising space. However, there are other ways to get your advertising message out there that won’t take up so much of your advertising resources.


Before deciding which ad network may work for your organization, you might want to carefully review your circumstances. Specific considerations may be:


  • Precisely who is your target marketing group?
  • Do you want to offer custom ads designed for a specific geographic location, or perhaps ads that target a particular demographic?
  • What devices do you want to design ads for? Are you primarily aiming for mobile devices, desktops, or both?
  • Do you want to retarget consumers who have previously interacted with your website, or maybe left items in a shopping cart?

Ad Networks

The following advertising networks offer ad placement on their associated websites, which in some cases, might not be an appropriate fit for your company’s product or service. However, with so many to choose from, and more cropping up each year, you have the opportunity to test many websites to determine which will be the most compatible alternate advertising networks for your organization’s vision, goals and brand. Research, before actual testing, can help decide which ad networks might be the most pertinent in order to avoid wasting precious company resources.

With such a large variety of advertising platforms available, it may be a wise investment of time to check out and consider how these alternative advertising networks might fit into intelligent resource management, resulting in a greater ROI.

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