Google +1 Analytics for You to Recommend

Recently, Google is trying all the way to be more social. Google +1 Analytics is such a new step to popularize websites or your Google product. Google will show +1 buttons next to all search results and ads, while encouraging other sites to include the buttons. All +1’s are public and are tied to Google Profiles. +1 will aggregate data in four categories:

  • Geography: It allows the webmasters to know where the +1 activity is happening
  • Demographics: Google will share age and gender of those who clicks +1 on content when it knows that information
  • Content: Based on a URL-by-URL method, +1s will be reported
  • Search Impact: Webmasters will be able to get a track of clicks and click-thru rates

To recommend something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find useful. Not in every case, Google will show the personal details. Google emphasizes that the geographical and demographic data will only be reported in the extreme cases when the numbers are very small so that they might users’ personal information. Webmasters and advertisers can get +1 data from three locations:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords


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