Adwords Remarketing & AdRoll Retargeting

Adwords Remarketing is Google’s version of behavioral targeted advertising. It works based on 3rd party cookie technology. The beauty of Adwords Remarketing is that any user that comes to the site is a potential person to remarket too, whether from Adwords, organic, facebook or any site. Google has over 1 million sites on its Display Network. What this translates to is the more browsing a user does, the more they will be Remarketed to. We like to think of Remarketing as more of an insurance policy on the money spent in your other marketing. Statistiically 90% of the people that come to your site do not perform an action such as filling out a lead, or calling the phone number. Where do they go? They are browsing the rest of the internet! Now that they’ve been to your site, we can Remarket to them with text ads, or dynamic display ads. Two purposes are served. One is branding. You don’t pay per impression, so millions of impressions can be served daily and you only pay when the user clicks on your Remarketing ad and goes back into your site. The second purpose is the obvious: increase in business. You will be increasing your sales and your leads by capturing people that were already intersted in what you have to offer, by eventually clicking and coming back into the purchase or lead cycle. Contact us today to help you setup a Google Adwords Remarketing campaign.

AdRoll is behavioral retargeting at its finest.  As a beta testing agency for AdRoll, we are able to retarget to not just Google, but Yahoo, Bing, 20+ other major properties and the biggest of all of them is Facebook.  Now your website visitors that leave your site can be remarketed to when they jump on facebook.  The ads can display on either the right hand column or as part of AdRoll’s news feed beta, we can show your ads in the news feed as well.  If you run e-commerce, you may be interested in AdRoll’s Liquid Ads which are a similar service to Dynamic remarketing.  To learn more about how the product feed integrates into Liquid Ads or how retargeting can work for you, give us a call @ 888.814.8599.