Google Releases Adwords Search Based Keyword Tool

Google has offered us a keyword tool for years that has made great improvements periodically. This particular tool seems to weed out the unnecessary fluff that we never wanted in the first place such as all the extraneous long tail keywords.

It’s main difference is that instead of taking your suggested words, Google will now go look at your website and provide suggested keywords based on its content.

Some of the newest features are:

1. A magnifying glass icon takes you straight to Google Insights for that term.

2. Ad/Search Share tells you how your ad is showing up for that search term

3. We can filter the results by search volume, competition and suggested bid.

I am disappointed that the search volume numbers are apparently from the broad match search volume – not nearly as useful as the existing keyword tool that allows you to change that to exact match for more accuracy. I also feel that I get a much larger and comprehensive list when I use the Google Keyword Tool. However, if we are looking for a single term or set of terms, this tool lets us narrow things down quite a bit and may help uncover some valuable new keywords.