Google Video Ads

Google Video Ads Demos Google Video Ads provide your potential customers with a relevant and engaging advertising experience through short online “movies”. Like Text and Image Ads, Video Ads will appear on sites that are part of the Google Network, not on search results pages. Video Ads compete against all other types of ads that are eligible to appear on a site, including CPC Text and Image Ads. If a Video Ad is the winning bidder and the site supports Video Ads, Google displays it on the site. Video Ads will run in various sizes and can be uploaded in numerous formats. When a Video Ad is served to a page, it will be displayed as a static opening image until the potential customer clicks the play button to begin the video. If the user clicks the display URL at the bottom of the ad, they will automatically be taken to the landing page of the website, just as a Text or Image ad. Pricing is based on the type of campaign is set up, either when a potential customer clicks on the URL below the video or per thousand impressions of the ad. The Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Impressions (CPM) is based on many Google factors, and is not always as high as your bid. Gazelle Interactive has the ability to manage the entire process from creation to optimization to reporting, taking the work out of your hands. We have a team of dedicated video media specialists, who can create a top-notch video representing your product or service. As in other types of ads, we report the critical metric data and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement when necessary.