How to Create Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses?

Businesses, regardless of the type and size should make sure their content marketing is in line with their core marketing strategies. By offering quality content that changes or enhance the consumer behaviors, businesses can create an edge over others, online. Creating a good piece of content is not enough, you have to find the right channels to distribute it. The act of creating, curating and distributing content should be an ongoing process, and small businesses should master the art of doing it right. Here are a few tips as how you can create outstanding content.

Put together a content marketing calendar

Having a perfect content marketing plan by your side can help you a lot with content marketing, especially during the initial stage. Similarly, you should set aside a calendar for the same purpose that ensure timely content creation. Even if creating a content marketing calendar takes your time, it helps you organize and manage the content better.

Understand the trends and select the distribution channels

Before creating content, one should be aware of the top-trafficked pages and search queries in order to see which content performs well. You should also understand the popular keywords that people use to search on the web, as it can help you create good topics and headlines. When it comes to distribution channels, rely on those which works for you. If you feel your potential customers are on LinkedIn, use it to share your content, even if you are a B2C.

You can also use social media to understand the trending topics and issues, to include valuable information in your articles.

Make use of visuals

Visuals are a smart way to attract the attention of the audience, as 90 percent of the information that reaches the brain is visual. Content should be designed in such a way that it utilizes the imagery. Creating Infographics is the best way to do that. For articles, you can use still images or animated GIFs. Rich media content, like video and multimedia formats can also help in creating good engagement.

With so much information about a topic, content writers are most likely to stuff stats, information and data into their article. The end result, boring and lengthy article that doesn’t lead to any engagement. By telling stories you are able to create a conversation with the audience.

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