How to Master PPC through Relevancy

Bid on Relevant Keywords

This seems like one of the easiest job, but it is one of the tiresome jobs that the search executives come across. The keyword research should be done carefully and well planned. While preparing the list of keywords for your business, understand that this paid search is just a part of your bigger web marketing strategy. It should be done in tandem with other marketing tools. Categorize your keywords. Do not focus on broad keywords. Instead, use keywords which are more relevant to you and target your potential clients.

Write Relevant Ad Copy

Write ads that are specific in nature. If a user is searching for mountain bikes, don’t show them an ad of a backpack. Users tend to respond more towards specific ads. I.e. they want to see the search results for exactly what they typed in. Also try to push the users to click on your ad. This can be done by offering many things including a free trial, 20% off, free E books etc. Give the users a sense of urgency. Make it look like a limited time offer which will compel them to click on your ad.

Link to Relevant Landing Pages

Landing pages are very important in PPC campaign. Due to the lack of time and competition, it may not be possible to have a unique landing page for all your keywords. But make sure that you provide landing pages per ad groups instead, which pertain to the theme of the search query.

Pay per Click advertising is the most successful way of advertising today. You can contact us to help create your new or existing Pay Per click strategy.