Influence of Social Media on Search Engine Ranking

Nowadays social media marketing is so useful in driving the website traffic, thereby increasing the ranking of sites. Sites like, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg are famous for the process. Some of the techniques used by those sites include link baiting, Digg-Baiting and submission of sites to social voting services and bookmarking sites. These social media marketing have direct effect on search engine rankings.

Search engine sites like Google shows video results first than others. Those with greater comments are ranked better. You must understand the services associated with the social bookmarking sites. The site is considered to be of a quality, if someone finds time to bookmark it. Likewise, if more people do the bookmarking, the more quality and relevance the site gets. A site having multiple bookmarks is better than the one with single user bookmarking. Since it is the common people who interact in social media, it may happen that the visitors themselves could create a good impression of the site, than those created by the owner. Search engine algorithm also finds it easy to get details from social bookmarking sites, as they tend to categorize sites and pages.

The site also has features like:

  1. Number of Votes: Higher the votes, higher the ranking.
  2. Categorization: this helps in the subject of the site.
  3. Commenting: Higher the comments, higher the site is ranked.
  4. Relevant Sites: Netscape and Techmeme suggest to the user related sites of the topics discussed.

Google has been a partner of Digg. Yahoo owns and Netscape is run by AOL. These social services offer APIs and are open to search spidering. When the site is dealing with the media like videos, photos or other representations, user’s comments play an important role and have a direct impact of the ranking of the link. So it will be better to have more comments, if your company communicates to visitors with the videos. For marketing, you must use a successful viral web video so as to get more comments.

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