Know The Rank Of Your Website With Google Mobilizer

Long before, it used to be easier before to check the rank of your website. You just have to go to, enter your keyword and count from the top until you reach the URL of your site. But these days, it is on the basis of traffic, a page is ranked in a search engine. In other words, whenever you enter a site, its rank goes higher and higher.

Even a person with decades of experience in handling SEO can go wrong as Google sometimes count personal preferences when you search. So the rank for a site may not be the same for your friend. For getting such personalized results, you need not even have to log in to your Google account. Your cookies saved in the system will also influence in setting up preference levels for you.

People are trying out many ways to get a standardized result. One of the ways is to use a proxy server. Most web proxy interfaces cannot be used for Google because it detects and denies proxies. In order to avoid that, we can use Google as a proxy to search for Google. For that Google has created a little app called Google Mobilizer. The following are its advantages:

  • By using Google Mobilizer, you can view websites through your cell phones as well as from your website browser.
  • The data available are from the most authoritative centre

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