10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid!

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How do you cultivate a massive traffic for your web site? Apart from conventional methods and advertising, SEO or search engine optimization is the least expensive method known. Search engine optimization is vital to your successful online existence.

So, how good are you at SEO? I’m listing here 10 mistakes you should avoid or never come across when doing SEO.

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to the same content appearing in more than one page (URL) within the same or a different domain. Duplicate content actually confuses the search engine so that they can’t decide which content to index in search results. So, always make sure to come up with original, good quality content that attracts search engines and people alike.

2. Insufficient/Improper Keywords

Insufficient and improper usage of keywords will definitely let your website down. Usage of apt keywords is a must but make sure you do not indulge in keyword stuffing. Repeating the same keywords over and over again will actually affect your website visibility badly.

3. Buying Links

Buying links is a bad idea. You may get a temporary boost in rankings and visibility with this practice. Bt most paid links are blacklisted or flagged by Google’s search engine spiders. Use social media  for better results.

4. Leaving title tags automated

Customized and optimized title tag is what you should create. Title tag field is no place to write novel sequels. Make it crystal clear, easily readable and short containing relevant keywords.

5. Chasing page ranks

A higher Page Rank will enhance your SEO efforts, but it’s not the only metric to consider to improve your online presence. We know Google has updated its algorithms over  the years, and Page Rank is only one among the two hundred indicators used to crawl and rank a website.

6. Using free web hosting

Using free web hosting services is not advised if you are serious about your business. It gives you restricted freedom and you may find it unable to install some plug-in, themes or extensions. And they may not offer any support as well! In short, go for premium web hosting service that offers a lot of features.

7. Sacrificing content for design and vice versa

SEO is not just about the keywords or page rank or any one factor. The design and content of a web site remains the critical factor in the success of a web site. Some people do spend a lot of time in design strategies, but ignore the content part; of course great design will definitely increase conversion rates but what if the site has poor content? Visitors will leave the page in no time. So, it is very important to give equal importance for content as well as design of a web site.

8. Forgetting the Alt tag

Alt Tag is an HTML attribute for image tag to provide alternate text when an image on a web page cannot be displayed. Using Alt Tags is a simple, yet very effective tactic that you should never forget to implement.

9. Not Using a Responsive Web Design

Google has made it clear that if you don’t have a responsive web design, you are probably running behind a lap. If you neglect this fact, Google might neglect your site as well. About 40% of the web searches today are from mobile devices. If your website is not designed to be mobile friendly, search engines & visitors as well might prefer a competitor’s website, which loads properly, no matter which device they are using.

10. Assuming all Search Engines are Same

Last but not least, assuming all search engines are same is also a big mistake. Each search engines has their own algorithms and rules. Make it a point to learn what each major search engine requires for high visibility of your web page.


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