3 CommonMyths in SEO

The internet is full of information about SEO. Advices and tips which claims they can help you achieve the #1 spot in the industry. But a large chunk of the information available is either misleading or wrong. One needs to look carefully to find out what works and what doesn’t. Bad SEO tips can lead to loss of time, energy and money. Some of the common myths in SEO are given below.

SEO is a kind of magical tool

This is absolutely wrong. SEO is best learnt through experience and training. You never achieve success overnight in SEO business. It takes a huge amount of time and energy to be good at SEO. In fact, this is exactly why people running their own businesses should turn to SEO professionals, so that their job is done perfectly and exactly the way they want it to be done.

You can outwit the search engines

I would suggest you stop wasting time thinking about it. This is because you can’t outwit it. You may be able to apply certain hacks or tricks for a short period of time. But not for long till you get penalized by the search engines which constantly keeps looking for any foul play. But there are certain tips which you can use and fit within the context of the site and as long as it doesn’t break search engine ‘rules.’ Also your web page stuffed with lots of keywords may look amateur and drive your readers away as well.

Your keyword research will reveal the ‘golden keywords’

This is one of the most common mistakes that occur. All the keyword research tools can give you a big list of keywords. Usually this is all what most the companies try to focus on. Try to think from the perception of a user as to what he or she might type in to search for your business. This may not be found in the list of keywords obtained using various keyword research tools. If you want to know more about our SEO Services, Please visit our website.
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