4 Important Ways to Keep Conversation Going

If you see these days most of the organizations spend a lot of time, money and hard work on getting potential customers to their website. But most of the popular brands have a very anti social approach to their customers they always keep this unwanted attitude of if you are not ready to make a purchase right now we are here to ignore you forever which turns out to be quite unfriendly. So here are some of the most important things to improve your corporate earnings:
  1. Ask for e-mail address: In most of the websites you don’t really see an e-mail signup; if it is kept buried somewhere in the footer it will surely go unnoticed. People don’t feel the need to signup if it is not asked nicely so instead of yelling or mumbling you can just ask in a good way.
  2. Start tweeting: Twitter can’t do much for those typical, consumer–focused businesses if they are thinking of it as their best selling platform. Even if you don’t have much of your customers in twitter, having a twitter account and few folks to follow cant harm you. If you place a nice and reasonable twitter button in your website, this can drag few quality Twitter followers which can help you a lot with your business and sales.
  3. Signup with Facebook: A Facebook account can do a lot of good things for your business but there should be easy ways of subscribing to your updates. Keep a ‘like’ box on your website. You can easily do this with few clicks to do this you can get help from the Facebook developer site.
  4. Provide RSS: If you have not much of information on RSS you can just ask your developer for an RSS feed which contains the same stuff as your e-mails.
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