4 Myths about Content Marketing You Should Be Aware Of!

4 Content Marketing Myths


The buzz & debate on how important content marketing is today have evolved over the years and it is now accepted as a legitimate marketing strategy by brands. But before you plunge into content marketing, make sure that you don’t fall for the following content marketing myths.


Myth 1: Content Marketing is Easy


Yes, content marketing s important. But it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Trust is an important factor in building a good relationship with consumers and each content you produce should be meant to add another layer of trust of your consumers. It is an incremental process and one bad judgment could destroy all your hard work over the years. It takes a lot of effort to produce quality content, targeting consumers & giving you an edge over your competitors.


Myth 2: It doesn’t take much time


One of the major challenges faced by marketers is lack of time. Content marketing begins with keyword research, market analysis, website audit & a lot of associated tasks, which has to be performed on a regular basis to get the latest market scenario. Content thus created on a constant basis eats up a lot of time & labor. Distributing & promoting this content are even more time consuming which involves social media marketing, email marketing & search marketing. Finally the performance of your content marketing plan needs to be measured using multiple metrics. And all this takes time.


Myth 3: It can be automated to save time


The most common reason people cite for automating content marketing is the lack of awareness of the huge time it consumes. There are certain content marketing areas which can be automated to a certain extent including auto responders, social mention alerts etc. But going too far with the automation process can jeopardize the whole efforts. You are the best person to judge what content works best for your business.

Here’s a list of few tasks which should not be automated.  
    • Content strategy & Ideas
    • Social media strategy
    • User Community Management
    • Content Creation

Myth 4: It is not expensive


The expense involved in content marketing depends on your strategies, but it is not always a cheap alternative to other promotional methods. A TV ad during a sports age could cost you millions while a #hashtag contest on Twitter could be done for free. Both can be effective depending on the quality of the content & it is not possible to compare such promo activities. You need to identify your audience and then choose a marketing method ideal to target them.

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