5 AdWords Tips from PPC Masters

Managing your PPC campaign requires a lot of effort and planning. The following are a few tips advocated by PPC experts for obtaining best results from your campaign.

Search Query Report

Giving special attention to the search query report, which gives the keywords that a user types to find various products and services is of prime importance. This report gives you valuable information on keywords that could help you target your audience accurately and also provides you with information on negative or irrelevant keywords to help you save money.

Make Use Of Automated Rules

You can use the Automated Rules for managing your PPC campaigns. This tool helps in saving time spent on routine procedures like changing bids to get the desired ranking, increasing the campaign budget and turning the promotional ads on and off.

Create Relevant Campaigns

Create relevant ads that answer the user queries to the maximum. You should use relevant keywords in the ads that lead to a landing page that is conversion optimized. The quality of ads depends greatly on the keywords used and the quality of landing pages.

Create Closely Related Ad Groups

Group ads together that are similar. This is very important as it determines “’whom to advertise to” and what your ad will say when it runs.

Gather Significant Data

 It is important to get enough statistical data as this analysis can help you concentrate on optimization. The data should comprise of the conversions and the cost and value of each conversion. Using this data you can adjust the biddings to meet the cost of conversion with that of the value per conversion and optimize ads so that the conversion rate can be improved.

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