5 Effective Keyword Research Tools

A person who has just started working on SEO knows about the value of Keyword research tool. Keyword research tools help you in targeting the right keywords. It introduces you to new terms and provides powerful and effective suggestions on how you can optimize contents for your targeted audience. There are many keyword research tools available in market these days. Some of the top keyword research tools that have come up are
  1. 1. Keyword Spy:
Keyword Spy is an effective tool and it works fast in looking up for information about keywords and domains. It also tells us about the number of ads and volume of search.  
  1. 2. Google Adwords:
Google Adwords has got lot to do with Keyword research. It is very powerful and free to use. It is a great tool for getting advice for keywords from its source itself.  
  1. 3. Traffic Travis:
Traffic Travis is powerful and user friendly tool. It is free and can be downloaded so that you can run on your PC. It works as a good keyword tracking tool. It also combines other powerful SEO tools and rank tracking.  
  1. 4. Market Samurai:
It is considered as one of the most information rich keyword marketing tool which is available in market. Marketing samurai comes at a cost of 97$.There is no free version available for the application.  
  1. 5. SEO Spyglass:
It is a downloadable application which provides you with a unique experience in keyword research. It shows you with the best possible keywords which can be used.    
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