5 Important Tips for a Better Web Typography

  Web Typography is an excellent art and here are some of the basic rules which you can follow for a more appealing website.
  1. Line Spacing: It’s good to use atleast 1 full line between lines of text. Reading online text is a bit tough task so if you have wider line spacing it appears easier to read. If you give a 1.5em it looks good.
  2. Keep headings closer to the following Paragraph: Headings are the indicators about the next paragraphs. So it is good that you keep heading closer to the paragraph below than above. Creating twice as much as space above the heading as below it is a good practice. This makes it easier for the reader to follow along.
  3. Use Larger Type: Most of the people like to see tiny fonts but some prefer big ones. Now this is creative versus marketing. Although smaller fonts look cool and creates a neater grid layouts big fonts are easier to read on a monitor, that means very few words on a line and are easier to cut and paste.
  4. Select the Typeface carefully: Cosmic Sans was the favorite font in the internet for a long time. It is a hard to read font on the screen, poorly rendered and not supported by all the different operating systems. If you ask some of the professionals they don’t really suggest this font. Using some unusual fonts on a website is so much fun but Arial, Helvetica, Times family, San Serif, Verdana and a few others are the only fonts which provides a consistent support across Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many other operating systems out there. For paragraph text try to stick with the mainstays: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica or other san-serif fonts. They are mainly designed for online readability.
  5. Flush Left Paragraph Text: Justified text always look neat and pretty but it sometimes create unnecessary word spacing and makes online text harder to read. So it’s better to use a flush left (left justified) text for paragraphs.
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