5 Important Tips for Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is an interesting topic to discuss about and I like to give some tips to you here on SEOmoz blog. Some of the tips for providing efficient and better outreach are:
  1. 1. Flattery is easier to do in Twitter:
Link request emails mainly contains some kind of compliment which describes about the content of the website or its design. The main trouble is that sometimes it is not at all complementary. Compliment is obviously something said to get into the good books of the website owner, but sometimes it can get the opposite effect. Twitter is most often a better place to do such activities.
  1. 2. It will be tough to find email address:
Website owners often do many things just to hide their email address. They change images, use contact forms and most often use generic inboxes. They try to promote their social media accounts everywhere they can.
  1. 3. For finding opportunities use Twitter search:
There are many ways to find host of ways to get link building opportunities with the use of Twitter search. Check out some hashtags which are used by bloggers and journalists such as #journalistrequest and #HARO.
  1. 4. Twitter lists FTW:
Create private lists for users that I have found as outreach targets. By this method you can set up pane in TweetDeck to monitor users are up to look opportunities to interact and re tweet etc.
  1. 5. Set up custom RSS feeds for key bloggers:
This is the end of the outreach process. It has got some simple process to do.