5 Myths About PPC

PPC or pay per click is a form of online marketing that websites and professionals use to market their product and services. There are many myths that surround PPC that either attract people towards this online marketing form or completely put them off.

Here are 5 of the most common myths that need to be clarified so that you can effectively market your products and services online.

Use of Unlimited Keywords in PPC Account

It is a general belief that use of higher number of keywords gets more visitors on the website. It may be true in certain cases but the use of too many keywords at times lead to extra expenditure on your part as you need to pay according to the number of visitors on the website while the actual conversions might be very less and the return on investment gets very low.

Quality Scores are Calculated on Clicks through Rates Only

It’s true that quality scores are affected by clicks; but clicks are not the only factor that affects quality scores. There are many other factors like relevance of AdWords with your landing page, relevance of keywords with your content and many more. There are certain other factors that Google does not disclose to the world using which it calculates your quality scores.

You Don’t Need PPC if You are Growing Organically

Some people believe that you don’t require marketing tactics like PPC to grow but this not exactly true. No matter how well you are doing online, online businesses need marketing tactics like PPC that can increase their presence in the online world.

Most PPC Visitors are not Real

Many people believe that most clicks are done by competitors and there are very few actual visitors to the websites. This is not true as Google has mechanisms to detect fraudulent clicks. Therefore in effect very few are fraudulent clicks and most are real.

Display Network is a good Source of Traffic

It is true that running ads on display network attract traffic to a website, but un-thoughtful use of display network only adds up to your cost and offers little return on investment.

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