5 Reasons Why Your Reconsideration Request May Fail

5 Reasons Why Your Reconsideration Request May Fail

              Have you been hit by the unnatural link penalty by Google? If yes, then most probably you have used the disavow tool, in hope to get the penalty lifted by sending a reconsideration request, after disavowing all the unnatural links. But will your reconsideration request work? Here are some of the common reasons why your reconsideration request may fail.

Insufficient Unnatural Links Mentioned

This is one of the main reasons why most reconsideration requests fail. Google does not want you to pick a few worst backlinks and disavow it. They want you to identify close to 100% of all the unnatural links. This may include links which you believe is natural, but still may violate Google’s guidelines. So if your penalty is not being lifted even after repeated reconsideration requests, it’s time for you to have someone take a more objective look at your link profile before requesting a reconsideration.

Not Enough Effort Put In

Google wants you to put in genuine effort to get the links removed. They want to make sure that you have tried to remove as many unnatural links as possible. In-case you found links from websites where you do not have control to remove them, you need to do to contact the site owners to have the links removed. You could use a Google spreadsheet containing details of the domain, the date you tried to remove the links, and the difficulties you may have faced in removing them. Also include the email address and other contact details of those domains where you were unable to remove the links.

Not Enough Explanation

Explain where it is necessary to convince Google that you have tried your best to remove the links. Though it is not necessary to write a long easy about it, submitting the right and relevant information regarding the steps you have taken to get the links remove is important. This makes it easier for Google to process the request as they know what steps have been taken by you to resolve this issue.

Improperly Formatted Disavow File

The disavow file should be in the proper format. Once you upload the txt file containing the links, you will receive an error message in case there is something wrong with the formatting of the file or syntax. Also double check your disavow file for any missing domains due to error in copy pasting.

Disavowing on the URL Level Instead of the Domain Level

In most cases disavowing the entire domain is preferred over disavowing individual links, the rare exception would be when you feel links from a particular page is looking unnatural while other links appear natural. But this is not always the case.

For instance, disavowing a domain also ensures that the same article indexed under categories, tags etc. are also disavowed thus preventing that article to link to your website. This cannot be achieved by disavowing the individual article link alone.

If you take care of these things before submitting your reconsideration request, chances are that your penalty will be removed.

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