5 Tips to Improve Your 404 Error Pages for Your Visitors

While searching for a particular web page you might have come across a page that says 404 Error Page. This message is usually flashed on web pages that no longer exist but their web pages continue to be displayed in the search engine results when certain keywords are punched by the user. Web design and development experts are of the view that the 404 Error Pages can be optimized for the visitors and they can serve the purpose of increasing conversions. Here are five tips to do so:
  1. Link it to other site pages: The 404 page can be linked to other pages of the website or to a totally different website if the former website is under construction.
  2. Feature other offers and discounts: If the intended product that the user wanted to see is not available you can use the 404 page to feature new offers and discounts available on your website.
  3. Show intended or related products: It can be very frustrating when the user reach a 404 page after searching for products in sub-pages. Therefore instead of just flashing the 404 error, you can present the user with information related to similar items. This would enable the user to go through items of a similar nature and he/she might end up buying the product.
  4. Add a search box: You can add a search box to your 404 page to help the visitors find the content or product that they originally wished to see. This way you would be able to retain the visitors on your website.
  5. Keep the pages live: Website owners must not show 404 error pages in the first place, but if these pages are unavoidable you can optimize them to show different products, either from the same brand or similar products from other brands.
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