5 Web Design Tips to Improve Your Conversions

5 Tips To Improve Your Web Design For Conversions

Are you concerned with visitors landing on your website and drifts away somewhere else in a jiffy? If yes, then you’ll definitely find this article helpful to improve your web design for conversions.


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is an old saying that you might have heard before. Your website is no different. The better you design your web site, the better impression you leave on your visitors. Making minimal and aesthetically appealing website will definitely help boost your conversion rates. Responsive design is quintessential these days as ubiquitous computing is growing.


Having a great design sure does help conversions, but the ease of accessibility also matters a lot. The user experience of your site is a crucial factor that enhances your conversions. Make your signup pages short, don’t troll the users by asking unwanted queries like their high school grades and anniversary dates. Give utmost priority for ease of access across your websites especially with the form fields.


Videos or animated infographics that can deliver a synopsis of your product/project is a great idea to catch the attention of visitors. People do find videos more entertaining and easy to understand than a lengthy descriptive text. Make use of quality videos that could invite user attention leading to better conversions.

Live Chat

Are you concerned with the issue that you are decent traffic to your homepage, but unable to convert those leads? If yes, it’s high time that you set up a Live Chat box. Personalized interactions through live chat box give the user a warm feeling and also help address their issues better which may not be mentioned in your FAQ page.


Users are highly skeptical. They may like your website and what you offer but may not blindly believe your promises. Testimonials give you an additional boost of trust which reflects on the credibility of your company.


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