6 Common Web Designing Mistakes to Be Avoided



Web designing is a skill that comprises of graphic designing, programming and search engine optimization, even though the term web design is generally used for front end or the user interface. The mistakes in web designing are not confined to just 6 but let’s discuss the most common flaws that require special attention.

Is your website communicative?

Keep your target audience in mind while designing a website. A communicative website will always hold user attention as it quickly conveys the intended purpose. If the site visitors are not able to understand what your website is about they may navigate somewhere else.

Usage of Fonts

Never use fonts that are unreadable. Sometimes an attractive font may not be easily readable by the viewer and this harms your main objective of delivering a particular message. Try to make the reading process as comfortable as possible for your site visitors.

External Links

It’s a common misconception that if external links open new windows, users will stay longer on your website. The decision of opening a new tab or new window should be left to the visitor’s convenience.

Flash Elements

Use flash only if required. Excessive use of flash elements can annoy the visitors because of its increased loading time and it also detracts the user’s attention from main contents. Use flash ifyour website includes features that cannot be supported by static pages.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colour is one of the most important design elements that affect the visitor’s mood. So keep in view the subject of your website while deciding the colour combination to be used. The colors used in your website should not interfere with the design harmony.

Avoid Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrollbar tends to be more annoying for viewers than vertical scrollbars. To avoid a horizontal scroll try to fit your website in a 1024 x 768 resolution since the size is more common in use nowadays.


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