6 Keyword Research Mistakes That Most of Us Make

  Proper keyword research is important for the success of an SEO campaign. Some of the common mistakes that go undetected are listed below. 1. Be Realistic Searching for keywords with the highest search volumes that are related to your industry is not the ideal way to do keyword research. To get results in the short or medium term highly competitive keywords are mostly ineffective. Select keywords based on factors like the site’s age, future optimization and current authority. Specific keywords can provide more results than generic keywords. 2. Broad Match and Exact Match Search volumes are a deciding factorwhen it comes to keyword research. But looking at only broad match results, when using a keyword research tool, is clearly a mistake. This is because there can be a considerable difference in broad match and exact match search results. A keyword with high broad match search traffic and low exact match search traffic is not an ideal keyword. 3. Target singular instead of plural Many websites target the plural version of keywords which get less search traffic compared to singular versions. While it is understood by the search engines that the plural and singular versions are the same keyword there are instances where this can result in lowering the search traffic. 4. Do not ignore Conversion Keywords that bring more traffic but fewer sales are not effective when we take conversion in to consideration. Ultimately the result that we hope to achieve through SEO is increased sales. Conversion audit of keywords has to be done by a person and not by a program. 5. Select Relevant Keywords This is also an important reason why selecting the keyword should be done manually. There are many possibilities for confused targeting. Searching for the keyword in Google can give you an idea about the relevancy of the keyword in terms of your product or website. 6. Keyword Reviews Regular keyword reviews are important to keep up with the changing market and customer search behavior. Our Search engine optimization packages can really help you to attain a higher page rank and better search engine results.
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