7 Latest Trends in Web Designing

Web designing is the collaboration of art, innovation and technology. Everything depends upon the designer’s imagination and how much knowledge he has in web development. Each day new-new artistic techniques are being applied in the field of web designing. Let’s quickly see some of the latest trends in web designing, followed by successful designers worldwide.

3D Technology in Web Deigning Even from late 2011 itself, many websites started applying 3D effects such as rich textures and shadows. This is a good technique as people prefer visually rich applications which can give them a good interactive experience as well.

Interactive Typography The usage of creative fonts has become a common practice nowadays. Mixing fonts of different styles can also result in stunning design layouts.

Bigger Icons & Logos Web developers nowadays have started to think more innovatively and started designing big icons and designer logos in order to capture visitors’ attention. This is a very good technique to keep your visitors focused on the site.

Flowing Background with Bright Colors Even though basic black and white colors are considered to be common standard colors, some innovative bright outputs will make the website look more user-friendly. And a flowing background can make the website more attractive too.

Hybrid Layouts Hybrid layouts are also a good tactic used by designers these days. It’s like; in certain aspects of the design, the text width will be fixed and in other parts, will remain fluid. It gives a comprehensive look to the website.

Social Media Widgets Usage of social media widgets like Facebook and twitter are also recent trends in web designing. Also it increases the traffic into the site.

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