7 Solutions to Take Your Home Page Bounce Rate Very Low

When a website is created, it’s quite obvious that you would like it to be viewed by lot of people and also you would look into the fact that your site should be informative in such a way that none of the visitors enter it and come out in a few seconds without even looking at the pages. Actually this fact is the key factor to describe the bounce rate of a website home page which would eventually put you into great thought as to what has gone wrong while creating a website. But now you need not worry at all about it as this short post will take you through few steps to reduce reoccurrence of people kicking themselves out of your web site in few seconds.

Below mentioned are 7 tips which will help you make your website very popular:

  • Be particular about the queries of people for which they come into your website. Answers not needed by visitors will surely not attract people.
  • Simplify your link additions by removing out all complications and attaching only those links which contains the information required by the visitors.
  • The first impression of a visitor entering your site should not be an old saga or a video of such kind which can prompt the visitor to immediately come out of the website. Thus, remove all such auto play files from your website.
  • Reduce your page loading time because visitors can get impatient at the very sight of the loading up cursor for more than 5 seconds. So remove all major files from the home page which may cause the page keep loading up for ages.
  • An attractive and eye catchy headline can increase the chances of visitors staying back into your website for a longer time. The headline should contain the main theme of the informative note.
  • Priority based listings is an important factor. The information or product for which a visitor enters your site should be at the top of the list and highlighted in the form of a call to action button.
  • Remove all the pop ups from your web site as it can cause the visitors get irritated with closing them time and again and ultimately shut down your window.

Just by following the above given 7 simple tips, one can gain a very high popularity for a website in a short span of time.

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