A Few Simple Steps to Build a Perfect Landing Page for PPC

A landing page for PPC is actually a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. A generic landing page is not advisable. Always remember that your customer may be looking for a single topic and for that if you are listing the whole history, your landing page is surely going to be a flop. It should be appealing and specific. Also, building a local PPC landing page is a wise step. It is very simple to design a local page for queries. You can try out different layouts that are relative to your traffic level to understand which ones will work for you. While framing a landing page, make sure that you don’t add keywords that are not targeted much. If your company is well established, you don’t have to worry about the essence of keywords; but if you are a beginner, you certainly should be concerned. A local page should include the following elements:
  • Local imagery
  • Locations and hours
  • Integrated map with directions
  • Proximity to local landmarks (like hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc)
  • Local phone number and contact information
  • Membership in any local group
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