Ad Testing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

As marketers, you need to be aware of certain mistakes that must avoid making to get the most out of your campaign. The following are the common mistakes that one needs to avoid during ad testing.

One of the most commonly made mistakes by advertisers is pausing an ad just when the campaign performance has begun. The initial campaign days are crucial as search engines rank the new ads higher or lower depending upon the quality score of the past ads from the same account.

In addition, stop judging the performance of an ad when other control ads are running. You should be aware of the time of launch of the ad by using the filter labels. Use statistics of the ads when they are running simultaneously as there could be a change in the market conditions or there could be a change in bids.

Another mistake to avoid is stopping the ad without giving it much time. As an advertiser you must give the ad relevant time to show its performance. Not letting an ad run long enough will not yield accurate results.

When comparing the performance of various ads, you must consider where, the ads are placed. Advertisers make the mistake of not comparing the performance of ads by their position. Some ads tend to fare better because they appear more on the top than on the side.

Another mistake to avoid is to leave the settings ON of Google that define the rotation. It is obvious that Google shows the ads that have the highest CTR but to test the ads properly, you should turn this setting off.

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