Adwords Automatic Matching

Google is releasing automatic matching for their Adwords platform. Buyer beweare. Automatic matching is something to tread very carefully with. From what we have observed it has been matching your ads with keywords. With this AdWords feature, Google automatically uses an advertiser’s excess budget to post ads against keywords other than those the advertiser is actually bidding on. Not all advertisers have been invited to test this new feature, but from what I have read not many may want to. According to Google:
Automatic matching shows your ads on relevant search queries not already captured by your keywords. It works by analyzing the content of the landing pages, ads, and keywords in your ad group. It then shows your ads on search queries relevant to this information. The system will continually monitor your performance on these queries and adjust its matches accordingly. Automatic matching aims to show your ads only on queries that yield a high clickthrough rate (CTR) and a cost-per-click (CPC) comparable to or lower than your ad group’s current average CPC. This way, your ads receive additional targeted traffic at a similar cost to your current traffic. Automatic matching won’t allow your spend to exceed your budget, and it also won’t affect the traffic you’re currently receiving. In addition, automatic matching will have no impact if your campaigns already capture the majority of relevant traffic.
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