AdWords Drag-And-Drop Report Editor Officially Rolling Out

AdWords Drag-And-Drop Report Editor Officially Rolling Out Make pivot tables and charts on the fly. Full rollout is expected to take months. The flexible reporting editor that Google first teased over a year ago is finally rolling out to AdWords accounts generally. AdWords Report Editor began appearing in a random assortment of accounts — typically very small, low-spend accounts — over the past few months. This general rollout is not going to be speedy, though. On Wednesday, Google said that the update to all accounts would occur over another “few months.” With the AdWords Drag-And-Drop Report Editor, you can build out custom pivot tables and charts by dragging and dropping dimensions and metrics. You can start by filtering dimensions before starting to build your report, or you can wait until it’s built to segment, sort and filter the data shown. A drop-down enables you to switch between visualization formats including table, pie, bar or line charts. You’ll know it’s in your account when you see the Reports tab at the top of the screen between the Opportunities and Tools tabs. When you first use Report Editor, a guide will walk you through the basics of how to use it. Here’s a gif from Google showing how easy it is to create and filter reporting with the new Report Editor. You can open a predefined template report or start from scratch. Starting with one of the predefined reports can be a good way to get acquainted with the tool. You also can save or download reports or email them in formats such as CSV or XML to a set of account users on an ongoing basis. Overall, this highly anticipated tool is likely to be very popular.  An Adwords Agency can help you navigate the Editor changes.