AdWords for Video Campaign: Why Should You Go for It?


With AdWords for video campaign, advertisers can now initiate campaigns with video ads making the concept of marketing and advertising more innovative. Here are a few reasons why you should have an AdWords for Video campaign.

High Penetration Level

Video campaigns reach out to a large number of users. As per a survey, more than 85% of the users that use internet watch online videos. This means that initiating a video campaign would reach out to these users giving your product and/or service the right kind of exposure that it needs.

Growing Popularity of Videos

As the popularity of videos is increasing by the day, it is only judicious to make use of this medium of advertising. Search engines give special preference to videos in the search results and therefore, must be used to the fullest in viral marketing, product demonstrations and testimonials.

Engage the Audience Socially

Videos are not just marketing gimmicks. They are the outlets where people can put in their comments, share and rate them, put in their likes and dislikes and subscribe to the websites and channels. Therefore, video campaigns help in engaging the users socially. Marketers can use the metrics obtained to create campaigns according to the data obtained.

Greater Options for Targeting

Besides the usual targeting options like display targeting, search targeting and remarketing, video campaigns also enable marketers to retarget users who subscribed to the channel or liked the video. Similarly, people who disliked the video can be excluded from retargeting. Therefore, more targeting options enables the advertisers to reach to the audience in a better way.

Low cost

The cost of running AdWords for video campaigns is much lower than the cost per click that advertisers shell out for display and other search campaigns. Another reason for the costs being low is that the advertisers only need to pay if the users watch the videos for a preset time and are engaged with the content.


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