AdWords Remarketing: A quick Guide

AdWords Remarketing is Google’s version of retargeting advertising. It’s an advertising strategy that allows you to target users who have visited your website with ads to entice them to return to your site. Setting up AdWords Remarketing Audiences are the groups of people whom you want to target and the group of people whom you want to exclude from that targeting. You will include or exclude these audiences for each ad group to ensure you are targeting the right people. And this is achieved by using custom combinations. 3 types of audience are given below: 1. People or a user viewed a page with details about a specific product or service; target them with ads about that offering. Custom combination:
  • People who added an item to a shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase.
  • The “added to shopping cart” audience included and the “complete purchase” audience excluded.
2. People who signed up to receive information about future product releases.
  • When the product is released, target these users with ads for that product
  • Custom combination: People who visited part 1 in a content series but didn’t return for part 2
  • The “viewed part 1 page” audience included and the “viewed part 2 page” audience excluded
  • Delayed targeting (discussed below) can be used to schedule targeting at optimal intervals
3. Audience: People who submitted your contact form
  • When users land on your thank you page, they become part of this audience
  • Custom combination: People who view your contact form but don’t submit it
  • The “viewed contact form” audience included and the “viewed thank you page” audience excluded
The most difficult part of the process is identifying your audiences and custom combinations. When that is complete, optimization is only slightly more involved than a normal display campaign. Adding retargeting to your advertising program can accomplish any number of goals if implemented correctly. Whether you’re doing simple retargeting to increase conversions or advanced retargeting to maximize all possible opportunities, AdWords remarketing is an easy-to-use interface. Our Pay per Click management services can help you to get a good online search traffic. Contact us to help create your new or existing Pay Per click strategy.
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