Analyzing the Performance of Your PPC Campaign

While it is very important to use the best PPC tactics and techniques to market your business online, it is also essential to keep a track of the performance of the campaign. Analyzing the performance is important as otherwise it is difficult to know whether the campaign is working as expected or not. Here is how you can analyze the performance of your PPC campaign:

Keyword Reports

The most part of any PPC campaign is the keywords. They need to be examined and analyzed carefully to know whether the keywords used in the campaign are giving the desired results. The best way to analyze keyword reports is by comparing them with the past data. This could be a comparative analysis over the past seven days, a month or any other period of your choice.

Account level and Campaign Reports

All major search engines provide these reports. The reports provide data on cost-per-click, click-through rate and conversion rate. The reports also help in budget planning as they enable the campaigner to know about the various costs and the expenditure for each month.

Ad Text Reports

Ad text reports are an important part of the performance analysis of a PPC campaign. These reports are useful as they let you analyze the ad texts by splitting them and finding out the under performing ads. Yahoo and Google provide easy to understand data, making it easy to pause the ads that under perform. You can then write a new and improved ad for better results.

Search query performance and placement performance are other reports that also help in analyzing the performance of the PPC campaign.

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