Apple iPad… Genius or Arrogance?

So far Apple has done it again. Somehow they have convinced the public that they must have the latest multimedia product they have created. The Apple iPad. Apple calls it “a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price”. Now are you ready for this? It starts at only $499. Really? Are you kidding me? For an iPhone on steroids? Except the difference is that you can’t talk on it or take pictures or video with it because the iPad does not even have a built-in camera (Apple is making a camera kit available to give it video features for $30 to use with your own camera). You got hand it to Steve Jobs. 300,000 sold and over a million apps downloaded in one day. Apple has developed a reputation over the years, one almost on the level of religious faith: If Apple builds it, it will be a success. Mac OS X, the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone — more often than not, Apple sets the standard. But they have had failures too. For the faithful you will recognize these names. The Newton, Apple Lisa, and Mac T.V.. Remember the puck mouse? That thing should have been thrown on an ice rink and run over with a Zamboni. Here is where their arogance comes in. They have created six different versions. One more powerful than the next. They all have built in Wi-Fi and three of them offer 3G (for an extra cost from At&t of course) too. You can also choose how much memory you want and from various accessories that you can add on (the accessory business is where I believe that Apple is really pulling to wool over the public’s eyes). The thing doesn’t even have a USB port for crying out loud. The 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G starts at $829. Add on a case, keyboard dock, camera kit, and a protection plan. You’re at almost $1100. The Mac book starts at $999 and is four times more powerful. Hmmm… Decisions decisions. Is inundating the public with six different versions really the way to go about it? Who suffers the public or Apple for diluting the brand. Most of their products do the same thing as another Apple product except in a different way. Do we really need version 124 from the iPod family? This cult called Apple that Steve Jobs has created has the public mesmerized. Could you imagine him broadcasting to the world and saying “Looook Into My Eyes”… The planet would stop. Congrats to you SJ. Got us again… Only time will tell if Apple has really outdone themselves. Paris Vardakas
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