Apple Releases New Macbook Pro

Here you go all you Apple faithful. Apple has finally updated its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers. It will include Intel’s new core processors ranging from from 2.4GHz to 2.66GHz and a variety of screen options and several other improvements throughout the Macbook pro lineup. Both the 15 and 17-inch models are now available with a Core i5 chip as standard and the i7 as an option. Although the 13-inch model still uses a Core 2 Duo processor, Apple will increase the base RAM configuration to 4GB on all models and bump up the hard drive and SSD options. The graphics will now be provided by the GeForce GT 320M and 330M, with a choice of graphics memory options. They are replacing the Nvidia 9400M and 9600M GT cards of previous generation models. The 15 and 17-inch MacBooks will use Nvidia’s Optimus technology to switch between the on-package Intel HD integrated graphics and the discrete GPU for a healthy boost in battery life. Apple is reporting that the revised books will have a ten hour battery life for the 13 inch model and from eight to nine hours for the 15 & 17 inch models. The 15-inch model also gains the option of a higher resolution screen with either glossy or matte coatings: 1680 x 1050 pixels against the standard 1440 x 900. All other features are pretty much the same. The starting price for each model stays just about the inline with the older generation. $1,199 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, $1,799 for the 15-inch version and $2,299 the 17-inch mobile beast. The new notebooks will start shipping within 24 hours, according to Apple’s store.
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