Balancing SEO & PPC for Best Results

Business owners new to online marketing are usually tempted to go for short term gains and profits. However, prudence is in going in for the options that can get them long term benefits. Companies therefore, have to strike a balance between strategies that work for short and long term simultaneously. The two most important strategies that are used for online marketing are SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a strategy that works towards increasing the ranking of a website in an organic search on a search engine. SEO specialists work towards optimizing the website in a manner, which makes it rank higher in a search result. A high ranking can bring a huge amount of traffic to the website, which in turn increases the possibility of conversions and sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising allows business owners to display ads in the sponsored results section of the search result page. The websites opting for PPC advertising have to bid for various keywords. When a visitor clicks on the ad, they are taken to the landing page of a website which is conversion optimized. Such form of paid advertising is ideal to generate instant traffic.

Balance Between SEO and PPC

While opting for SEO ensures a higher ranking in the long run, PPC ads are very helpful for short term results. New sites gain a lot from the PPC ads as they can generate traffic instantaneously. However, the need is to balance the two approaches so that the website benefits from both.

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