Behavioral targeting increases effectiveness of campaigns – Know how

Behavioral targeting is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of campaigns. This strategy, that involves capturing the data of users visiting websites, is widely used by online publishers and marketers. The captured visitor data is used effectively to provide advertisements that will likely interest them. Visitor data not only includes the pages visited but also searches made, amount of time spent on each page and the links clicked. This allows the online marketer to offer the right product to the customer at the right time. Behavioral targeting uses consumer behavior into actionable intelligence and succeeds to create a unique experience for the visitor. Behavioral targeting involves tracking and collecting data, segmenting it based on online behavior that explains interests and connecting data-driven offers to target potential customers. Although it involves these three steps, the process is very challenging. This is where our services come into play. We execute these complex procedures to give you maximum results. Understanding the intent of the visitor through their online actions is the primary objective. If the visitor’s sole intention is to research about products or services, provide him with materials that will inform and educate him, whereas if the visitor is looking to purchase something, make the buying process easy for him. How the process works
  • When a user visits a web page or a website for different purposes, he receives a cookie on his computer
  • The user’s actions such as web page visits, page views, clicks and other information are tracked by the cookie.
  • Once the data are collected, it is sorted and segmented into different groups with related interests
  • Based on the user profiles, the different offers are presented before them.
It is measured by the number of pages per session, the geographical location of the visitor, location of the visitor and the specified pages visited. Data like whether the visitor is on mobile or not, time on site, time of day and search keywords or referring site are also used. Since users receive targeted advertisement, there is no question of irrelevance and confusion. Website owners can benefit from potential customer profiles and leads. At Gazelle Interactive we know how to use behavioral targeting to drive traffic to your website effectively.