Best Tips and Strategies for Keyword Research

Some people believe that keyword research is one of the easiest step in the SEO process. Well, that’s a big mistake. Only experienced SEO experts would know how difficult it is to do research on the keywords before you start optimizing. It’s not like – all you have to do is to come up with a bunch of keywords that “you” assume people are searching for and start optimize for them. It is a thorough research process which needs to be done carefully. So here are some tips that you can make use of in case of keyword research.

Figure Out the Number of Keywords You Are Looking Forward To Optimize This will depend upon your firm and the size of your website. For a small website, selling few products only needs 5-10 keywords. A larger website with more number of services may require more keywords.

Sorting Out a List of Initial Keywords Think from a user’s point of view as much as possible and then select the keywords. Remember, this is just the first step, from which you may select the final keywords to optimize for.

Check Your Site Ranking Make use of various online tools to check your website ranking. Consider the keywords with a higher priority for final selection process. If you find some new keywords, and if it’s relevant, you may choose them too.

Check Your Competitors Rank It’s important to figure out who your competitors are. Make use of various online tools to see what your competitors are ranking for, or try searching for some keywords to see at what search position they come up. This will give you an idea of selecting some new keywords to the list.

Making Use of the Keyword Suggestion Tools Now that you’ve prepared a list of keywords, try expanding it further. If you are shooting for 30 keywords to optimize for, make a list of about 500 then shortlist it to 30 so that it would be the most refined set of keywords. Make use of the popular keyword suggestion tools for best results.

Consider Search Volume for Each Keywords By looking at search volume for each keyword, and then sorting the keywords by search volume, you can quickly see which keywords are most searched for.

Assigning Relevancy Percentage to Each Keyword and Multiplying the Search Volume by Relevance Percentage It is essential to ask the clients to assign relevancy percentages to the keywords. Then sort the keywords by that weighed amount, which is the product of search volume and relevance percentage.

Listing Out the Final Keywords and Running Those on Keyword Suggestion Tools Again It’s better to run the selected keywords on keyword research tools again to make sure they are related to your client’s list and that you didn’t make any mistake

Keep an Eye on the Progress and Make Changes If Necessary There may be occasions when you wish to revise the keywords or you want to make substitutions in the keyword list. So do make the changes whenever you feel it’s necessary.

These are some general tips that can be used during keyword research. You can develop your own strategies and make changes of your own, if you are having better innovative optimization ideas.

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