Best Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

A proper and well-planned link building strategy can help drive a lot of traffic to your website.  When it comes to planning, there are several things that you should keep in mind. Most importantly, do not compromise on the quality of links you are going to build.

It is not surprising that even some of best websites fail to register decent traffic flow.  For any business owner, getting inbound links from trusted sites is a big bonus. Search engines always prefer to deliver relevant, fresh, trustworthy results for their users. So getting back links from trusted sources carries a lot of weight.

And it’s a fact that obtaining inbound links from the relevant sites takes enormous effort and time as well. So follow a systematic link building strategy and always keep in mind that, a link from a trustworthy site has higher value than huge number of links from low quality sites.

Examining the Links on Your Own Website

In this case, the links are on your website and under your control. Be wise in linking contents in your own website. Check whether the anchor texts used are keyword-rich texts. If you find that can anchor text is not keyword-rich, consider revising it.

Records of Existing Inbound Links

Use tools like the SEOMoz tool Open Site Explorer to check which all sites are linking to yours and also the anchor texts used in those inbound links. This track record enables you to evaluate your website performance.

Analyzing Your Competitor’s Back-links

Make use of a tool like Open Site Explorer to check out the source of your competitor’s back links and analyze it.

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