Bid Management Software and Future of PPC

Let’s look at the different ways how we can automate PPC and save our precious time. Maybe this can be considered as a fancy way of summing up your business process, and also a good time management option.

Can we say that, bid management software is the future of paid search? Don’t know whether this software might offend the beliefs of a few elite PPC purists, but seriously when it is used right; it can be a super cool tool to help you get the best results. But to luddites, software may be like “A killer tool, which is going to make us jobless”. But the fact is that, bid management tools let you get out of the shackles and makes room for better time management.

So let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Bid management Software. Advantages
  1. Time Consumption: You are a man, not a machine – it’s not your job to work 4 hours to make profit per keyword, looking at your profit margins and manually doing everything. Imagine, if it’s out of your hands, you can look on to the next side like run experiments, optimizing new stuffs, and generally do all other tasks that can lead to innovative PPC projects.
  2. Efficiency: Normally, you might run a manual experiment to change a bid. Well, here bid management software does all good things for you ASAP and makes sure that bids are set exactly where they should be, the software can find and formulate almost every process like finding clicks, saving money and generating conversions etc.
  3. Process of Reporting: For every business teams working for a client, they have to report on the results to the clients –maybe daily report or monthly report. With this bid management program one can generate reports in seconds, and customize to suit clients needs.
  4. All in One: Using bid management software, your reporting flow chart can be made simpler. Just open bid management software and click on see all numbers, and it will help you compare your performance and tells you where you have to improve.
  1. Cost: One big downside. Cost of bid management software depends upon the size of the account. They may charge according to your net gain, so it’s upon you to choose the right decision as per your budget.
  2. Errors: Automation’s biggest dark side is the probability of error, especially if the keyword data isn’t pulled properly and if new bids are set on bad data. So always be careful throughout the process.
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